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this is the truth of life


this is the truth of life

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Drive-thru invisible driver prank

> THIS IS WHAT A FRICKING PRANK IS ABOUT! Harmless, gives people a story for a fricking lifetime, brightens people’s day. So glad we got past those douchey pranks like fire in the hole.

> I’m glad to see a drive thru prank that doesn’t completely humiliate the employees.

> He should take one for the team and purposely get pulled over. I want a cop’s reaction.

> I lost it at the guy who kept opening and closing the window and turning around like when he turned back someone was going to be there. That was gold.

> That had greater reactions than I expected. Also… ‘REALLY’

> I wish he had’ve driven off more when they were looking.

> Black people reactions are the best.

> He should’ve gone for the “I’m a ghost” line more, that was hilarious.

Instagram dat joint lol their reaction

i wanna do this lol

omfg this shit is gold

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____________ (by lauren s_)


____________ (by lauren s_)

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